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unops.org is first of its kind in the United Nations Universe to combine practical project work with informative storytelling. The basic idea behind the relaunch, which was won in an international pitch, is to extend the digital instrument for information exchange with internationally active experts to include vivid insights into individual missions. The new digital platform embraces all of UNOPS expertise and addresses a broad and global audience. After all, UNOPS aims at building a better world. And that is all our business.



News, Stories & Insights


Whether it is about living conditions or human rights, peace processes or environmental development – every UNOPS project contains stories, personal destiny and measurable results. Flexible multimedia modules enable thematically bundled content to become transparent and helps to create engaging articles: The UNOPS, its goals and effects come to life on the new website.

Projects by Location

All projects running and supported by UNOPS are geographically located: they can be accessed via integrated Google Maps. A short project description card plus links to the local partner organization as well as further UNOPS data material serve to provide information. Form and function combined in an intelligent, yet efficient way.

Clean, Fast & Readable

Where UNOPS helps and is involved in communication, users often fight with internet connection availability. That's why we have focused our redesign efforts on optimizing the page-load time and speed of the website. Interaction development enables the user via a smart, adaptable menu navigation to quickly find its destination.

Intelligent Information Architecture


The streamlined and cleanly structured platform allows every user direct access to relevant information. UNOPS partners working in developing countries find projects, contacts and key facts bundled in one place. The audience discovers the world of UNOPS intuitively, following their personal interests and questions. The impact section is spectacular, telling these important stories through immersive digital experiences.


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