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Launched in 2015, the digital platform of Tricolor is finally on par with their lab output. The world class presentation helps photography professionals and amateurs to collaborate with the famous image production lab.

From photo to image

The art of photography is about looking for a motif, composing the shot and pushing the shutter at exactly the right instant. The art of Tricolor is to make the captured moment visible in a specific, special way. The website aims to highlight the combination of these two arts.

What do my photos need?

Tricolor wants to be felt through the website. An open door to the photolab, where international photography superstars are as welcome as ambitious amateurs. A visit to the website gives first answers to the question: What do my photos need?

Film and text for photos

The formal confrontation between film and text works: the communication flow through the website animates the user to learn about image production.

The white border

Like a white border on a print on photo paper, the white border on the website gives the content space and focus at the same time. Closed viewports help keeping the scroll navigation simple.

Collaboration between Tricolor and Hinderling Volkart

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