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transforms into a digital powerhouse

A modern design combined with a sleek structure


The user experience of the website has been completely re-imagined by Hinderling Volkart, reflecting Postfinance customer behaviour across all target groups. It becomes a powerful tool to navigate across the Postfinance universe. An optimized search function, clean and reduced navigation and fully responsive layout ensures the platform’s consistency across any device.

Keeping it short and sweet


The tiles, which lead to the product pages, provide genuine added value on the new site. The icon and animations on the mouse-over provide a good overview of the product or service before clicking.

“The website is our customers’ most important access point to us. It has been completely revamped and now provides a positive, emotional and consistent user experience across all devices.”

Ines Anderegg (Product Owner)

Providing fast and targeted support to all customer segments


The newly designed support area is geared towards providing fast, targeted support. Moreover, the website now has a chat function which means customers receive answers to burning questions about PostFinance’s products and services directly.

Collaboration between Postfinance and Hinderling Volkart

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