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The new web portal of Switzerland Tourism sets new standards. Behind the spectacular presentation of unique destinations and the intuitive user journey on the most comprehensive information platform for the holiday country Switzerland lye a wide array of conceptual and technological innovations.


Virtual Reality


MySwitzerland.com impresses with powerful drone videos. Each sequence shows an extraordinary view of Switzerland. Plus: when the user looks at MySwitzerland.com with VR glasses, the films are transformed into virtual reality experiences. Visual voyages and a world of discovery with 3D effects, panoramic views and further information unfolds.

Inspirational Calendar


A total of 48 drone videos are added to the striking inspiration calendar on the home page, which presents the diversity of Switzerland as an exciting tourist destination along the seasons. All the important information, right down to the ultimately relevant booking links, is always just a click away.

Information density


MySwitzerland.com presents over 45,000 destinations, routes, events, sights, experiences and accommodations in 16 languages. They are all depicted in detail, located on a map and directly linked to all relevant partner platforms for bookings.

User Experience


In each phase of the three-year relaunch process, prototype test persons were involved in the project. Their feedback and inputs helped to develop a usability that makes it easy, intuitive and fast to find sought-after and interesting content. Visitors can use navigation, filters or the intelligent search function to get to where Switzerland is the most attractive for them.

Artificial Intelligence


The highly optimized performance of the website is in parts based on artificial intelligence: The integration of a machine learning service enables the page to automatically prepare more than 80,000 images stored in the system in the correct formats for all output devices and connection speeds. The relevant image element to communicate the visual message is always recognized and displayed.



A Publication Kit integrated into the CMS makes it possible to create visually attractive stories in the look of the new website. The construction kit with flexibly combinable modules for various text and image elements turns personal stories and experiences into lively inspirations for people who want to discover Switzerland off the beaten track.

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